Fish Feed Supplement PRODUCT


SALTOSE is for treatment of infections caused by Clostridium, Salmonella, Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidiosis with our own-developed enzyme called Cell Wall Lyaze.


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New Probiotics & Strong Enzyme Combination
Our Bacillus bacteria which are screened among 10,000 strains and special enzymes ensure the safety and health of poultry and livestock by controlling harmful bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium) and parasites (Coccidium, Cryptosporidium)
PIC-BIO INC. has been involved in research and development of remedies for not only production of antibiotic-free poultry and livestock but also enzyme products that are capable of preventing migration of zoonotic diseases as replacement of antibiotic for number of years since PIC-BIO INC. was incorporated.
One of the enzyme products is "SALTOSE" by its trade name whose efficacy has been recognized by poultry and livestock industries in Japan and foreign countries.
What is SALTOSE?
SALTOSE is one of leading probiotics which contains Bacillus group, Enterococcus group and unique enzymes. SALTOSE can prevent and treat the bacterial and parasitic diseases with the characteristics of used bacteria and enzymes, and improve the productivity for poultry and livestock.
Ingredients and Characteristics
We have selected 5 strains of Bacillus group among more than ten thousand strains of Bacillus group which do not produce antibiotics, but produce unique enzymes which can break down the cell wall of bacteria and oocyst of some important parasites.
The Bacillus group:
1. Bacillus licheniformis
2. Bacillus subtilis
3. Bacillus pumilus
1. Disease Control
Strong bacteriolytic effects against bacterial diseases and antiprotozoal effect against parasitic diseases through unique enzyme“ Cell-Wall Lyase”.
The main enzymes:
1. Beta-Xylanase
2. Cell-Wall Lyase
3. Protease
2. Improvement in Digestion
Disintegration of the cell wall of feed substances for improvement of productivity by enhancing digestion, feed conversion, and body weight gain.

3. Odor Control
Decrease of Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide in their excreta.