Our Clients


1. Bishwash Poultry and Fish Feed Limited

2. Kazi Firms Limited

3. BRAC Poultry

4. Jayson Feed Limited

5. Provita Feed Limited

6. Gram-Bangla Poultry and Feed Limited

7. Soudi-Bangla Fish Feed Limited

8. Lion Feed Mill Limited

9. Sunny Feed Limited

10. Quality Feed Limited


1. PIC-BIO, Japan

2. Agroin, Mexico

3. PT. Bojong Buana Mineralindo, Indonesia

4. Nusagri CV (Indonesia)

5. Berghausen Corporation (Mexico)

6. Jinke Peroxide Limited, China

7. International Biologies, India

8. Zhejiang Jinke Peroxides Co. Ltd., China

9. North China Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (NCPC), China

10. Heng Yang Hai Lian Salt Solution Chemistry Co. Ltd., China

11. Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina Co. Ltd., China

12. Ava Chemicals (P) Limited, India

13. PVS Laboratories Limited, India

14. Yonghong Science Health Development Co. Ltd., China

15. Shandong Hengsheng Group Co. Ltd., China

16. Aliphos, Bulgaria

17. Here and There (France); Akron (Italy)

18. Whitcrane (Thailand)

19. Ecologicos Compal DEL (Peru)

and more ...